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The mission of Collision Specialists, Inc. is to provide quality auto body repair services and customer satisfaction of the highest degree to the Jackson Tennessee community and surrounding areas.

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About Us

Collision Specialists, Inc. is locally owned, family operated since 1989. In that time we have grown to be Jackson’s largest bodyshop with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to help turn an unpleasant experience into a pleasant one.

Striving to be the best in our field, our employees are continually trained in the latest developments in the auto body repair field earning us an I-Car Gold status. I-car requires each person to have annual training to retain this status so we are very proud of our technicians. We are also INFINITI and Nissan collision repair certified. Our team have been factory trained, use genuine parts and have the proper equipment required to send your Nissan or Infiniti home with dealership quality appearance, function and performance.

In our last two expansions, we upgraded our office and shop equipment with the most technologically advanced equipment to supply our technicians with every source available to make repairs as efficient as possible. We also work closely with all insurance companies (and are a direct repair shop for most in this area) to try to handle your claim from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my paint match the rest of my vehicle?

With our computer matching system, our professionally trained technicians and the use of Axalta paints and their vast technical support system, we are confident in our abilities to match your original finish.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Once an estimate is written, parts are ordered and received, we are ready to start the repair process. You can usually count on 5 hours of repairs per day, so if your estimate has 25 total hours that would be a 5 day repair. If additional damages are found during the course of repairs, additional time would be needed and you would be contacted by one of our customer service representatives.

Do I need more than one estimate?

Although some insurance companies would like to have more than one estimate, you legally are not responsible for getting but one — preferably from the shop you choose to repair your vehicle. You should find a shop you feel confident with and one that can handle all aspects of the repair. Collision Specialists can do this for you.

What is a Direct Repair Program?

Shops, such as ours, have contracts with certain insurance companies to follow their guidelines for the repair process and paperwork. In turn this speeds up the repairs and simplifies the process for the customer. Collision Specialist is a direct repair shop for most major insurance companies in the area.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Using the latest technology and tools, skilled technicians can quickly remove many dents on late-model vehicles—without repainting.


All new car owners dread that first dent. No matter how it happens, the first dent can make a person feel that their car will never be the same again. Or will it? Many dents and dings can now be repaired without a trace, when the work is performed by a skilled technician. And techniques have developed to the point that dings can be removed with the original paint in place.


Paintless dent removal (PDR) has become widely used over the past decade by car dealers, rental agencies and auctions to prepare vehicles for resale. Yet very few consumers are aware the process exists. In most cases, when the process is complete the dent is no longer visible. PDR offers consumers convenience and quality while saving them time and money.


In the last four to five years, insurance companies have become more aware and accepting of the PDR process, particularly in the repair of some hail damage.

Why are there differences in estimates for the same claim?

Insurance companies and repair facilities may provide an estimate. Sometimes one will write only what they can see and another may write what they know may be needed based on past experiences of hidden damage. One may estimate aftermarket parts as opposed to OEM parts. Our shop works with all insurance companies and appraisers to ensure quality repairs at the most economical price.

What are OEM parts and aftermarket parts?

OEM parts are made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are produced by other manufacturers. We do not normally have any problems with aftermarket parts but in the event that one does not meet with our expectations, we would contact the insurance company to let them know that an OEM part is needed. Our goal and the insurance company’s goal is to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the portion of the repair bill you will owe. You set the deductible amount when you purchase your insurance policy. The higher the deductible the less your premium payments but if you ever file a claim you will be responsible for paying that deductible amount to the repair facility.

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